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The cyber defence industry is a growing market with much of the world's business now being done electronically and online. Falanx Assuria, a London-based cyber defence company, needed a new website design to promote their business but also act as a gateway to their group site and partners.

Because the industry in which Falanx Assuria operate is a fairly complex one, they needed a brand new website design that would explain what they do in the simplest of terms possible and not bamboozle users with terminology or information which may put the casual visitor off.  Our in-house web developers looked at creating a concept which kept things simple, but also used a neat motion graphic animation that would use simple iconography to explain Falanx’s proposition to even the most non-tech savvy of visitors.

Another key factor our website development team looked to address with the website design was its operation on mobile devices and, in particular, ensuring that the website design was mobile-responsive so it would look just as good on a iPhone or Android device, as it would on a desktop computer.  The web development team carried out extensive testing as part of the build process; meaning that when the site went live, it could be viewed across just about any device without damaging the user experience.

Falanx Assuria have been extremely pleased with the completed website development and hope to move ahead with further website development work in the near future. The site is now also an invaluable marketing and promotional tool in its own right and a personal favourite of the TFA team!


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