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Grant Barnett is a client which we have worked closely with on a number of occasions and for various different projects. We have successfully completed a range of web-based and digital developments in the past and they are a company that we continue to enjoy working with to this day due to our workmanship and central Buckinghamshire location.

They came to us when they needed a website design agency to design & create a new e-commerce website to promote their new range of Emma Bridgewater umbrellas and outdoor clothing accessories within a short turnaround time.  They also wanted the site to be compatible with all current Internet browsers and also be capable of being linked to a PayPal account specifically for the website.  We based the new e-commerce website on their Emma Bridgewater catalogue design to ensure the look and feel was in-keeping with Grant Barnett’s other marketing collateral.

As part of the website design and development, we also conducted thorough and concise testing of the site on multiple browsers to ensure compatibility and also created a made-to-measure e-commerce account to allow Grant Barnett to take orders for their products quickly and efficiently.

The finished site went live at the start of 2013 and Grant Barnett have been extremely pleased with the finished website.  Whilst many agencies are proficient with web design and creation, TFA will always go the extra mile to ensure any site that we create is tested thoroughly and exhaustively to ensure it operates to our client's wishes.  In the unlikely event of there being a problem, you can be assured that TFA will always look to resolve any problems effectively to avoid potential disruption.


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