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With an illustrious and successful history spanning over 100 years, Quantum is one of the UK's largest manufacturers of premium gentleman's shirts and formal garments and have been based in Nottinghamshire since their inception. When they wanted to explore the creation of a brand new clothing brand and brand identity, they chose to work with us due to our fantastic brand consultant experience and being based in Buckinghamshire.

When creating a strong an instantly recognisable brand logo design, brand identity and marketing campaign, it is essential to begin by conducting thorough market research and competitor analysis.  We conducted extensive and exhaustive market surveys from a broad section of Quantum's target audience.  With this information, we then set about creating a 90-page brand and marketing plan that would underpin the whole campaign from start to finish.

The detailed marketing plan formed the foundation of 'Elitia'; a completely new brand identity specifically targeting an affluent and successful audience.  We created a full marketing suite to complement the brand; including corporate logo, future advertising campaign and supporting brand imagery.  An extra part included with the marketing suite and marketing collateral were design cues for the products themselves and the type of communication methods that would be targeted for advertising; something Quantum really appreciated.

The branding exercise proved to be a worthwhile and valuable experience both for Quantum and us. At present, Quantum are looking to take the project further in the not-too-distant-future and we are confident that once the marketing campaign begins, Elitia will be at the forefront of designer men's garments.

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