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Part of the Wellpak group of fruit and vegetable suppliers, Elision is a fairly new business that needed to build it's online presence with a simple and smart new website.

As Elision did not have a website to begin with, this gave the opportunity for TFA’s team of web developers and designers to create something fresh and new from the ground up.  Along with being a simple and clean website design, our web and HTML developers also added responsive functionality that meant that whatever device you were viewing the site on (be it Android tablets, iPhones or desktop computers), the user would experience a well-designed and functional site no matter where it was being viewed.

Alongside the responsive website design, our development team also built in a bespoke CMS system which would allow Elision to update news stories, job vacancies and general content whenever required.  This gave them a good measure of control over the site but also ensured that their content remained as fresh as their produce.

The site went live in March 2015 and forms an important part of the Wellpak chain of companies.  It is also a great example of clean and clear website design that gets straight to the point and acts as a lovely introduction to a young and growing company.

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