J O Hambro | Corporate Re-Branding Exercise

When it comes to promoting your business to both clients and other companies on a global scale, it is crucial that your brand identity distinguishes your business from your competitors and conveys a top-level message instantly.

J O Hambro is a major force in the investment capital market and has a business portfolio consisting of blue-chip multi-national companies and wealthy private investors.  They approached TFA in a capacity of a branding agency, to act as a brand and marketing consultancy to assist with the design and development of a brand new corporate identity and corporate brand that would be an evolution of their current brand identity. J O Hambro were keen to refine and modernise their corporate logo with the intention of adding it to a new range of marketing collateral without alienating their customer base.

We used their eagle branding as a starting point for their new corporate logo design and chose colour palettes that brought their corporate identity up-to-date without straying from their established brand identity.   We created a number of different logo design and brand identity options that J O Hambro could choose from and also allow them to define the direction they would like to take for their corporate identity.

When presented with the new logo designs and brand identity options, J O Hambro was very impressed with all of the logo and brand designs.  They will be conducting further reviews of their branding throughout 2013 using our designs and advice as a starting point and we hope to work with them again later in the year.  As a brand consultancy, TFA can offer design services and marketing strategy advice that many other agencies cannot; something that really does set us apart from our competitors.

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