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The British Standards Institution (BSi) is one of the oldest, prestigious and most recognised businesses in the UK today. Founded in 1902, BSi has been a nominated Business Superbrand in the UK every year since 2004 and out of 500 world-recognised Superbrands, BSi is ranked 42nd.

After successfully working on a new screensaver design and screensaver build project, BSI approached TFA to create a dynamic HTML5-based thermometer graphic that would be primarily used on their internal intranet system.  BSI wanted a team of HTML5 developers and HTML designers based locally in Buckinghamshire that could create a dynamic HTML graphic that would show their fundraising efforts via a series of thermometer graphics.  These HTML5 widgets would also need to be designed with BSI’s intranet colour scheme and style in mind; something that we paid close attention to whilst creating the designs.

The finished HTML5 thermometer we provided to BSi a dynamic, database-driven widget that enables staff across the globe to collaborate on fund raising initiatives.  Money raised is segmented by region and illustrated as a dynamic, animated thermometer that works perfectly across all platforms and devices.  BSi was extremely pleased with the finished HTML5 development and since it’s completion, it has now gone live on their global intranet site to wide-range approval. 

TFA are experienced digital developers and website developers who can help you to create or adapt your current website to become a more dynamic and interactive experience.  Our HTML5 Developers and JQuery Developers can help you to create a user-friendly and engaging website that will not only look fantastic, but also function perfectly across all platforms!

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