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GIF animation banners and promotional poster designs are a quick and effective way to create interest in your website or product. As experienced GIF banner designers, Flash animators and graphic designers, we can turn around GIF banner and poster projects in a very short turnaround time, and this is something that attracted All3Media to us for their latest promotional campaign.

All3Media wanted a creative agency that could create simple but effective GIF banner and promotional poster designs that would be used during their promotional campaign for 2 new television shows.  As is the nature with television, their timescales were extremely tight; with this in mind, we set about creating a clear and concise design brief for the client and once approved, got to work with creating the GIF banner designs, Flash development and poster artwork.

Poster design, GIF animation and Flash development are all areas that we are extremely proficient and experienced in.  By creating clear design briefs at the start of a project, we can cut out the need for design changes during the project; meaning projects are more often than not, finished ahead of schedule and, most importantly, right first time.

Our team of experienced graphic designers, Flash developers and graphic artists will always take the initiative when it comes to creating eye-catching and interesting visuals whatever the design project.  If you need a creative agency that can take the reigns in creating a successful promotional campaign, talk to TFA.

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