Airtask Rebrand and Website Redesign

Airtask was looking for a reputable branding company in Milton Keynes and tasked TFA with creating a new brand identity and over-arching brand image that reflected their evolving position as experts in difficult air charter operations.

We conceived a brand story that gave Airtask a clear sense of being industry leaders with modern, cutting edge equipment, aircraft and methodology. This established a much clearer and stronger proposition. From there, our graphic design and web development teams brought the brand to life with brand guidelines design, design and development of a new website, design and copy writing for a new corporate brochure and design and production of various merhandise for their customers.

This rebrand has helped Airtask to stand out in a highly competitive but niche market and truly reflect their core vision and mission as a company.

"The board is really impresssed with the work you have done and cannot believe it has not cost much more to deliver." 

Julie Simper Managing Director

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