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The AdoptionPlus site is a fantastic example of how an older website was brought up-to-date to make it easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing on a multitude of devices. While the site was given a brand new structure and back-end, the popular friendly design and illustrative style from the previous site were given a make-over that will ensure the site is easy to use and access for a good few years to come.


  • The original AdoptionPlus was outdated and not responsive to mobile devices. That made it difficult to access and also harmed its page rankings on search engines, such as Google.
  • The old site did not have a Content Management System (CMS) which made updating content and imagery regularly very difficult without knowledge of code and coding.


  • The site's design and structure was given a complete re-fresh to bring it band up-to-date and give the user a more responsive and intuitive experience.
  • A bespoke CMS now means AdoptionPlus can regularly update content to make it more SEO-friendly and also upload downloads easily.
  • The site was designed to be fully responsive on any device; including tablets and mobile phones.

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