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As an award-winning marketing consultancy and best graphic design agencies in Buckinghamshire, and to make things a little easier for our clients, we produce a regular Marketer's Guide that give tips and helpful advice for producing all sorts of marketing material – all part of the service here at TFA!

The Evolving World of Infographics

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present and simplify complex information quickly and clearly. In other words, an infographic organises data from any subject into an easy to understand visual, enabling your audience to process and remember the information presented to them more effectively and in a much more visually engaging way.

Engage and Evoke

Studies have shown that 90% of information that we remember is based on visual impact, so presenting your data using images, colours, movement and content would be much more eye-catching and memorable than a text document. You are also providing your audience with something they can share and revert back to, extending the reach of your intended message.

What are the benefits?

Your infographics can reinforce your brand, by incorporating your logo, brand/design style, consistent colours, shapes and terminology. They are visually appealing and can provide an effective way of increasing your brand awareness. Associating your brand with the material and statistics will establish your expertise within that field, and instil trust within your audience.

4 Easy Steps to building an Infographic:

  1. Choose your topic - be open to subjects that are of common interest, with a close connection to your business/service
  2. Design the infographic - We can visualise your chosen data in the most creative - yet logical - way possible, and align the designs with your current branding
  3. Test your design - Once the design is drafted, test it with members of your core audience, do people unfamiliar with the project understand it?
  4. Share with the World! - Ok maybe not the World, but with your intended audience. Ensure that your infographic is easily acceptable and easily shared
We recently worked with a client who required us to produce multiple charts, incorporating high quantities of data for each. To do this manually would have taken weeks, so our developers created bespoke scripts to allow us to dynamically input all the data from spreadsheets, and turn the charts around in a very short amount of time.


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